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Sticky is the newly launched brand that carries adhesive based products. Sticky is the brand that meets your everyday needs. It is made especially to cater to the unique needs of consumer. The uniqueness of its products makes it easy to use and without absolutely any hassle at all, while being adjustable, durable and can be used for long term or short term use.


Sticky is constantly striving to make lives simpler through means of creativity and innovation by providing value for money and solution-based products. From using high quality, heavy-duty, double-sided foam pads that are really handy for craftsmen, artisans and students to other unique products which if applied on any surface, protect the surface by not leaving any residue or scar behind.


  • Sticky had a great manufacturing setup of adhesive- based products.

  • Also, all the products, with their unique properties could cater to the day-to-day requirements of customers and could help customers to be smarter.

  • Sticky wanted complete brand positioning, architecture and launching platforms.


Giving  a complete branding solution:

  • Brand Audit

  • Brand Architecture

  • Brand Positioning

  • Product Design

  • Packaging

  • Selling Platforms

  • Photography/Videography

In Short we offered them the


Absolute Branding


based package!

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube





After extensive research and brainstorming our creative team decided to go with a generic word STICKY as a brand name.
As all products under this brand are based on adhesive based properties enabling sticking as a operation.
STICKY also gives really high recall value to the brand name, helping in brand positioning.



Logo Usage

Screenshot 2023-04-14 093934.png

Symbol Concept


For both sub brands we positioned Sticky the master brand as a smart brand which will help customer to know the advantages of using sticky products.


Double Sided Foam Pads


This product had unique capability of holding any two surfaces together.

We at Absolute’i figured out house hold and office use of these foam pads and positioned the brand accordingly.

Double Sided Foam Pads


This product had unique capability of protecting car paint from scratches after the application of this film and also it being highly optically clear, this product was positioned on premium segment.

Sub-Brands - 1

Sub-Brands - 2


We had our analysis on the e-commerce site we developed for sticky.

Based on our 1-month analysis we decided to develop a website which is more inclined towards mobile users and has easy navigation flow till the checkout.

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