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Having spent 31 years successfully in the industrial sector, Hi-tech group is a legacy. And has been recognized and listed among the “Top 500 fastest growing companies in Asia.” It was awarded as the “Economic Times India’s Growth Champions 2020” by the Economics Times of India and Statista Group.


  • Being among industry leaders Hi-Tech Group has multiple companies under their umbrella.

  • All companies have different products from trading to manufacturing in various segments.

  • They wanted to build a subtle theme which portrays all the sub-companies and the parent brand  as one.

  • Also, they wanted to add a modern angle to their already strong brand values for welcoming new generation of their business.


Giving a complete re-branding solution:

  • Brand Audit

  • Brand Architecture

  • Brand Positioning

  • Designing Communication Material

  • Photography/Videography

In Short we offered them the


Absolute Concept


based package!

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn



Logo Transformation


Old Identity

New Identity

Symbol Meaning


Logo Usage & Construction




Shapes used denote moving forward with speed and are derived from the gestures and elements in the photographs.

Two arrows denote moving towards growth & prosperity taking their customers, Hi-tech team and society as a whole, along.

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